The Best Websites To Sell Logos

The logo is a crucial part of every company’s image. Nowadays, many companies prefer to buy logo design off websites. What if you’re an individual who can create stunning designs and amazing logos? Then, you can sell your logos on websites.

There are mainly two ways of earning money by selling logos online. It is either by taking part in contests or registering on websites purely meant for selling of logos directly.

Websites for participating in contests :

This is an interesting website that lets you design logos and submits them in open contests. The outcome i.e., the prize for your design will be decided when you win the contest. While this may not sound favorable to many freelancing designers, it’s a great opportunity for the beginners to show their talent and become noticed.



The name itself says it all. Contestants can submit their logos in contests or tournaments and then win the tournament. On winning the tournament, the website takes 40% as commission. This is quite great for all those who love participating and winning a huge prize.


This website is a great bonus for all those who’re new to this field. LogoArena lets you submit your logos according to your experience or expertise. This creates more room for winning contests as the experienced designers don’t crush the beginners.

Websites where you can sell logos:


CrowdSpring is a website that lets you submit logos, web designs and various other types of designs online. Once anyone is interested in your designs, then you can sell them. There are no contests or any other entries to be filled. All you have to do is submit your design and wait for it to be sold.



This is a website that lets you focus more on quality. There are many websites that sell logos but most of them give more priority to quantity. BrandCrowd lets you have 60% of all the sales and focuses more on quality. This gives room for creative designs to be sold online.

Stock Logos

Stock Logos is a perfect place that allows to customize and sell your logos. Not only do you get a huge customer base for your logos but you can also enter various contests that are sure to make you a lot of money. So, if you’re looking for a place to sell your logos or enter a contest with your winning design, then you need Stock Logos.

Which one to choose :

You can choose either of the way to earn money online by selling your logos. It all comes down to your expertise in designing.
● If you are new to this field logo design contests are ideal for you. You will get an experience on what kind of logos have demand in the market.
● If you are already experienced you can venture into selling them directly to the third party.

Once you make your mark in the design industry, there’s no looking back. So, whether you’re a designer with a passion or a freelancer with a skill, these websites can help you make money off your logo designing skills.